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INFAME Career Pathways

INFAME Pathways

There is no doubt that students participating in INFAME choose a path providing multiple career options. The associates degree and Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) certification is only the beginning. Upon completion of this program, students have options. For those ready to continue developing their craft, they can continue full-time employment. For others wishing to continue their education, the AMT program can provide a transition into a bachelor’s program for business or engineering. As INFAME grows throughout Indiana, additional bachelor’s programs will be developed.




AMT graduates are in a great position to leverage career options. With over 1,800 hours in on-the-job training and work experience, and the industrial maintenance technology degree in hand, one option for graduates is to continue working full time with their sponsoring employer. These are employers that students have developed strong relationships with and whom students know are truly invested in them.


To date, nearly 100 percent of AMT graduates continue to work for their sponsoring employer, and there are reasons for that. Because the AMT program focuses on the development of the entire student, graduates are well rounded and ready to hit the ground running in a manufacturing career.


In addition to AMT, INFAME chapters may explore new programs designed in the AMT model. For example, in Kentucky, FAME chapters are piloting a Computerized Manufacturing and Machining (CMM) program, which have helped design the enhanced operator certificate for entry-level production and discussions are underway for future programs including Tool and Die. These options are all available in Indiana. 


After receiving their associate’s degree, many students choose to further their education and pursue a bachelor’s degree, either right away or after working a few years. One path to achieve this goal is the Advanced Manufacturing Business program (AMB), through a participating higher education provider. AMB was designed specifically for AMT graduates and features Project Management, Situational Leadership and Quality Control Qualification training. The 70 to 80 credit hours that were earned for the Associate’s degree are all transferrable toward this Bachelor’s program. 


AMB offers students a unique opportunity to complete a curriculum of business courses that actually include automotive and manufacturing learning opportunities. It enhances skills already learned and gives the student a new perspective on business and manufacturing management. 


Another exciting option for graduates is to work toward a Bachelor’s degree in engineering with Indiana's top-notch four-year institutions. Students graduating with an AMT before entering into the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (AME) program have a definite advantage. AMT students have a strong understanding of technical disciplines, and will have a broad knowledge as an engineer. AMT graduates also have experience working with their hands because of their job experience. AMTs have actually seen the ideas of an engineer come full circle by working and troubleshooting on a real production floor. The combination of the two programs is what creates potentially the most sought out, well-qualified and well-paid new engineers on the market. 

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