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FAME Overview Sessions

Feb. 7, 13, 15 or 23 - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 

Times Vary by Session

What will I learn?
An understanding of the FAME model of
skills training, what makes FAME different--and more effective--and what it takes to join or start a chapter.

Who should sign up?
Interested stakeholders from manufacturers, colleges, and/or economic/workforce development organizations. You are encouraged to have multiple representatives from your area join this presentation.

To facilitate discussion, presentations are limited enrollment and you must pre-register.
Information and resources will be shared after the meeting--no need to copy each slide!
We reserve the right to cancel this presentation with no prior notice. If an event is cancelled, it will not be rescheduled; you will need to register for another session.

Check out our INFAME locations

To learn more about INFAME, contact Andrew Berger.

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